STM Multimedia is an entertainment media company that hosts Slay the Mic and the historic WBMU Jamz (Where Black Mean Unity). We are located in Asheville, NC, but broadcast globally on a digital radio platform. Our mission is to provide a source of information, music, and entertainment while celebrating culture, community, and creativity by empowering and amplifying voices.

Are you interested in gaining experience in Radio Entertainment?

STM Multimedia is looking for dynamic individuals who are passionate about the community to join our Promotions Team.

As an intern, you’ll experience first-hand how a radio station and its affiliates operate with sales, talent, hosting, business and producing.

Creative Input

An intern showing creative potential is asked to help develop segments. In conjunction with producers, an intern will brainstorm new ideas, write and execute the material on air. Radio stations sometimes plan humorous segments involving the interns, which means interns must be outgoing, quick thinkers who can banter with the hosts.

Promotes StationRadio stations typically do a lot of public relations work with schools, communities and advertisers to promote the station. An intern’s promotional duties will involve writing and editing press releases and using social media to connect with listeners and promote.

As an intern you will gain experience in:

1. Marketing
2. Social Media Management
3. Public Relations
4. Community Engagement
5. Strategic Planning
6. Event Execution

Submit Resume or intern inquiries to: