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Adult Contemporary music for both the young at heart and those who have always held WBMU in their hearts.  Who said you can never go back! Join us and relive some of those days when music was for listening, dancing, or just sharing the moment.

This is THAT music! The music of the ’70s, 80’s and 90’s with a dash of today. America’s Best Urban Contemporary Music delivered Clean and Concise – no unnecessary chatter with friendly one on one delivery from voices you will grow to enjoy and love as much as you did the Original Announcers of  WBMU.  In the ’70s & ’80s, WBMU’s broadcast personalities woke you up in the mornings or went to bed with you at night (no pun intended) providing you with your daily dose of Soul, R&B, Jazz, Reggae, Blues, and Gospel.

Our diverse community was represented by our wide variety of music and programming, providing a little something for everyone!

All programming produced in our Western North Carolina studios are delivered Worldwide Live.
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A Little History Of WBMU

A little history wbmu
Front Row: *Mooseman, Harry Hippie, Tom Robertson Back Row: *Dave Kingsley, *Aaron Logan, Jim Robinson, Terry Fisher. Photo by Henry Robinson
“In April of 1974, there came to the city of Asheville a Radio Station located at 91.3 on the FM radio dial with the call letters WBMU-FM, the music of a people … Black people”.
That Black-owned, black-operated Radio Station’s sole purpose was to address the informational and musical needs of the Black community in this Western North Carolina city with pride and unity! The call letters WBMU said it all …. “Where Black Means Unity”. The city, the people, and the broadcast personalities had no idea as to the impact this would make doing a time in the United States when being Black just wasn’t that bad.​

The founder, Jim Robinson, shared his vision with the station personalities as to how WBMU would be totally different from all other stations. The concept of “Personalities”, not “disc jockeys”, with flavor that was as unique as the individuals themselves, gained the attention of an entire region! From the time WBMU-FM signed on at 6 AM and shut down at Midnight, very few people listen to any other station anywhere within listening distance! WBMU-FM was the “Urban Sound” during the time of Urban Renewal. WBMU-FM (B91) engaged and excited a region with a sound, a style, and a staff … second to none!

WBMU taught all of its staff in the ‘Arts and Skills of Broadcasting’ and provided broadcast training and on-air personalities to all of the surrounding stations throughout the region. And now… With “The New WBMU” we retrace that era with programming that not only entertains, but hopefully informs and educates our listeners. We are not going back to that time by no means but remembering that great time. Yesterday, Today and Always!
The following are only a “few” of the many broadcast personalities that provided WBMU-FM and our numerous listeners their “Best”, day in and day out, no matter what the weather, they were always there!  Some great announcers are no longer holding down an earthly air- shift here at the New WBMU but spinning a more Melodic Platter at a much higher Station and we fondly remember ​them (*) ALL!
Asheville North Carolina’s first female radio announcer, *Judith ‘Judy’ Stribbling, *Aaron ‘Doctor A’ Logan, *David K. ‘Dave Kingsley’ Hall, Jr. DDS, Harry ‘Hippie’ McLaughlin, Wanda Henry-Coleman, Terry Fisher, Cleo *The Mooseman’ Shivers, Tom Robertson, our youngest announcer at 14 years of age Terry ‘The Magician’ Ballard,  Charles ‘Jay Alexander’ McKesson, ‘Mark Anthony’ Burts , *Ann Hallum, *Charles ‘Doobie’ Smith, Wadell ‘Mr. C’ Cunningham, Elder Johnny Hayes, *Otis Ware,  Jerry ‘Jay Boogie’ Mason, Theodore ‘T.R. Stone’ Swinton, Jenny Moss,  James ‘Omar’ Brown,  James ‘The Master Blaster’ Smith, Anna Harrin, *Bobby White, Robbie ‘Rock & Roll Rob’ Morrow, Glendale ‘Shirah Paige’ Harrison, Antonette Arbello, Mike & Jeff McKeel,  *Little Jimmy’ Mills, Genny McClure, Sandra ‘Cortney Love’ Bolden, Mary Linney, *Frank ‘Tony McDaro’ Woody,  Anthony ‘The Professor’ Jackson, *Curt Burton, Carter ‘General Matt’ Mitchell, Levon ‘The Breeze’  Boyd, George Young, Charles Young, James ‘The Fix-it-Man’ Finley, Richard ‘Rick Hampton’ Morrow, Hanon Shabazz, Bobby ‘The Boss Man’ Powers, Richard ‘Super C’ Marvels, Pamela ‘Tina Marie’ Lanihan,  Judith ‘Kelly’ Pallai, Ronald ‘Ron R’. King, Anthony ‘The Watchapolly’ Sweat, Michael Fichera and numerous others giving their best to provide the Very Best broadcasting Asheville has ever had! They were often imitated but NEVER duplicated! They were and are still, WBMU!
To ALL of you for your dedication and services, WBMU and the thousands of listeners, then, and now, salute you, one and all!
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